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CIS SWIFT Service Bureau program
CIS SWIFT Service Bureau purpose is to provide easier, and in the same time more robust, connection to SWIFT network. Using our SSB services you can simplify SWIFT related operation infrastructure, substantially reducing total cost of software ownership while increasing overall system resilience. Resources within your organization can now be focused on your core business.

CIS SSB consists of two operational centers (OPC), which operate in two different countries and over two different network providers. Primary OPC is classified as Alliance Connect Gold service by having two permanent leased line connections to SWIFT network over different network providers. Alternative OPC is classified as Alliance Connect Silver service by having primary connection to SWIFT network established over permanent line, and backup connection over ISDN line.
Bank that uses one of CIS SSB connectivity options can connect to both OPCs by default, with the process of switching between Primary and Alternative being fully automated.

Our team of certified SWIFT Alliance professionals is constantly monitoring SSB operations, with maintenance and project management performed by our highly experienced and qualified team of consultants.

CIS SSB customers connect to FIN, FileAct, InterAct and Browse services to access a variety of SWIFT Solutions. In addition to highly secure and resilient managed infrastructure, the SSB offers many value-add services for your business.

If you are looking to outsource SWIFT related services and fully concentrate on your core business, our Alliance Access Software as a Service (SaaS) is ideally suited for you. While reducing total cost of operations and simplifying SWIFT related infrastructure, your institution will gain in resilience and can utilize many value-added services offered by CIS SSB.

Customer can choose between various options:
     CIS SSB Primary suite
     CIS SSB Backup suite
     CIS SSB DRS suite
     CIS SSB Alliance Access Software as a Service
     CIS SSB Alliance Access Server hosting
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