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Computer Information Systems - CIS was founded in 1995 by several computer experts, with the idea of offering professional assistance in implementing new technologies and redeveloping customer's information systems in line with constantly changing environment and requirements.
In 2000, CIS has established formal business relations with SWIFT - the leading world institution in the domain of financial IT services.
In 2003 CIS has become an accredited SWIFT Service Partner and in 2004 has upgraded its status also to become a SWIFT Business Partner for the Balkans. The same year CIS has founded its own SWIFT Service Bureau with two sites - one in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad.
Since 2008. CIS Service Bureau has operational centers in two different countries Serbia and Slovenia.
Through the CIS Service Bureau, more then 90 banks from thirteen countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia) are being connected to the SWIFT network.
Due to substantial professional experience and technical expertise in SWIFT and banking technology, CIS is able to provide a complete solution to its clients - from selection of strategy, software and communication solutions, to the implementation and support, as well as project management.

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