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Acks2Mail software, release 3.5, sends e-mail notifications to clients of completed SWIFT payments (SWIFT Network Acks), automatically and minutes after the acknowledgment of the payment is received from SWIFT. The e-mail message contains subject, body and a PDF-format attachment with the details of a SWIFT message.
Acks2Mail has reached its 13th release. Current version is 3.5, and it replaces previous version 3.0.
Acks2Mail has been built on Microsoft .Net technology. .Net Framework, version 3.5 or latter, must be installed.

Key Features:
quick and easy e-mail notifications
clients are notified minutes after SWIFT sends the acknowledgement message automatic functionality
operator assistance required only for entering client's e-mail address for the first time
e-mail can be resend easily, even for acknowledgments several months old, to the same or different e-mail address
acknowledgments are sent as PDFs, protected for modification
FIN 2007 Standards compliant - support for field 50F in MT103



SWIFT server (SWIFT Alliance, Turbo SWIFT, MERVA etc.) leaves acknowledgment files in a specific folder. Module for automatic importing of SWIFT files reads these files and validates their format. If the message is in the correct format the software analyses the content of the message.
Acks2Mail finds the ordering customer field in the SWIFT message, if necessary adds a new client to the database, and creates e-mail message that will be sent to the client.
Module for automatic e-mail processing checks for ready-to-send e-mail messages, sends them using embedded e-mail client, and archives messages after successfully sending them.
Each e-mail message will have a copy of a SWIFT message sent as attachment file. This file can be of two different formats:
PDF format
ASCII format

The difference between these two formats is that PDF file represents a formed and ready-to-print document, while ASCII textual file needs to be opened by word processing application (MS Word, WordPad, Notepad) and then printed. Consequently, PDF file cannot be changed but only printed, while ASCII file can be modified prior to printing. It is recommended to use PDF format whenever possible.

Acks2Mail is not free software. It is free to download and install the software. Upon installation, it needs to be registered in order to activate all the functions.

However, 90-days evaluation registration can be obtained free of charge. Follow the instructions in Acks2Mail manual on how to install and register software.

To test Acks2Mail software, download the file, unzipp it, and follow the instructions.
Description File name File size Released Link
Acks2Mail 3.5 ( 3.7 MB Apr 2010
Manual for Acks2Mail 3.5 A2M Help.pdf 1.6 MB Dec 2009
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