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As ICT communication technology matures, we are seeing a steady shift from traditional in-house software solutions towards application hosting, known as Software as a Service, solutions. This approach enables organizations to outsource technological aspects of their operations, and to focus on their core business.

Alliance Access SaaS is ideal for financial institutions that want to reduce TCO for SWIFT related operations to a minimum. While reducing TCO and simplifying SWIFT related infrastructure, your institution will gain in resilience and can utilize many value-added services offered by CIS SSB.

In Alliance Access SaaS, you will operate over CIS-owned server, with entire configuration, administration and maintenance performed by CIS team of certified professionals.

By choosing this option, you will not need a license for Alliance Gateway or Alliance StarterSet, license for SWIFTNet Link, leased line connection to one of network partners and license for Alliance Access or Entry software. You even don't need to invest in physical server. This will substantially reduce TCO without any loss in business functionality, enabling you to work in fully independent manner and concentrating all resources on your core business.
In addition to all Alliance Access functionalities, CIS SSB also offers value-added services, like clients e-mail notification of their outgoing payments. Other services like AML filtering, reporting and reconciliation may be implemented upon a request.

CiS SSB Alliance Access SaaS

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