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  CIS SSB Backup suite

This service is ideal for financial institutions that need to upgrade their connectivity resilience, and to upgrade network-related performance. You continue to operate and administer your own Alliance Gateway or StarterSet and SWIFTNet Link, and you add another communication channel to SWIFT network over CIS SSB OTCs. Connections to both OTCs are enabled by default, and the service can be offered from both your primary and DRS sites.

By choosing this service, you will create a highly resilient connection to SWIFT network, with two separate connections being active in the same time.

Backup suite customers can adopt high performance active-active configuration. CIS SSB connection can be used to for one group of SWIFT Solutions (for example: FileAct and Browse services) while leased-line connection is used for another group of SWIFT Solutions (FIN, and other InterAct services).A customer connects to our Primary OTC by default, with the Alternative OTC standing by. For FIN and RMA traffic, switching over from Primary to Alternative OTC is performed automatically by Alliance Access or Entry software.

Customers using FileAct service are offered fully automated solution with the use of our proprietary software for transferring files between customer's site and OTC.

CiS SSB backup suite

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